SkennyBetch In The City

Learning to eat healthy and exercise in Chicago

About This SkennyBetch

My weight has always fluctuated from the time I was 12 years old. When I got to college four years ago I started making unhealthy choices because I was so afraid of putting on the freshman 15; I ended up losing 15 pounds my first year at school. Over the next 3 years I met my best friends, fell in love, changed apartments (4 times!), discovered my calling in life, got mono, fell out of love, went to london (had a european fling…), and so much more! All the while I was putting on weight- about 40 lbs!

I was miserable going into my Senior year of college in Chicago- none of my clothes fit, I had perpetual acne for the first time in my life, and I felt insecure with myself in a way I hadn’t since I was in High School. It took me a while to realize how much weight I had put on but once I saw it I realized I had to do something- I made a vow never to be in this position again.

So this Blog is my journey: my story, my progress in pictures, and healthy recipes and tips I find helpful along the way. I am trying to lose weight now but I want to be able to keep the weight off… forever. No crash diets, No quick fixes. I want to create a lifestyle that maintains my waistline all on its own!


I want to learn to love myself again and  the best way to show that love is by making choices that care for my body, mind, and soul. 


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Goal Weight Date

Trip to VegasMay 17th, 2013
Finally here!

Goal Weight Date

Trip to GeorgiaMay 23rd, 2013
Time to relax in the sun! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
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