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The Dreaded Family Gathering

I love my family. I love getting together with them. I HATE that when we are together we congregate around food. Family gatherings are like a marathon binge-fest in my family and it destroys my hard work in one sitting.


Picture this, a table 10 feet long filled with dips, chips, cheeses, pretzels, meats, crackers, and candy. Sweet? Savory? Its on that table. Once when we got together for dinner we just grazed- it wasn’t until I left that I realized I hadn’t actually eaten a meal.

So for Easter this year I am coming prepared… I’ve been brainstorming a list of healthy snacks that can stand up to the competition and still be a tasty option. The plan is to gnaw on those until dinner, then control my dinner portions, and enjoy a healthy desert that I brought as well. It’s going to be a lot of extra work but my other option is to get caught off guard by junk food.

Here is what I’m thinking:



I’ll post the recipes I used ASAP 🙂


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