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Protein Pudding

This recipe is great because it won’t ruin your day when you crave to your sugar fix! I pre-make this at the start of the week and have it on hand for when my craving strikes! It may not technically be high in sugar but just keep in mind that this is not clean eating… it’s should still be treated like a treat.



  • Fat Free Greek Yogurt
  • Sugar Free Instant Pudding Mix (any flavor)
  • Protein Powder [Optional]
  • Stevia Natural Sweetener [Optional]



  1. Mix yogurt and Pudding together, add desired amount of pudding powder to yogurt. just eyeball it- be sure to taste it! 
  2. Add protein powder and/or stevia to taste if that interests you. mix well.
  3. Let stand in fridge for at least 20 minutes so pudding can firm.





  • The pudding will last as long as the yogurt does so take note of the expiration date
  • I mix pudding in a bowl and transfer to tupperware for storage in the fridge
  • I make chocolate pudding (and add a drop of vanilla extract) and serve it with fresh berries… YUM!





Original Recipe Here


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